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AB Tax Law APC provides legal counsel to taxpayers on issues of Federal, State, and International taxation.  We are passionate about helping our clients resolve and prevent Internal Revenue Service and State of California tax controversies.  If a Federal, State, or International tax issue is costing you time, money, or peace of mind, then you need AB Tax Law in your corner.  Call today to speak with an California Tax Attorney about your tax problem.

Tax Attorney Representation

AB Tax Law was founded by California Tax Attorney Adam Brewer. In founding AB Tax Law, Adam’s goal was to provide the highest quality representation at a price every taxpayer can afford. With AB Tax Law your case will be handled in a timely, professional manner while considering the latest legal, taxation, and accounting developments. We recognize that each tax case is different. We will carefully evaluate the facts of your tax issue and then develop an individualized legal strategy to resolve your tax issues.

Don’t Let Taxes Disrupt Your Plans For Tomorrow

We all want the American dream. Unfortunately, the American dream comes with a heavy tax burden. Don’t allow your tax problems destroy the goals you have set for yourself, your family, or your business. If left unchecked, tax problems can destroy your ability to purchase a home, pay for your children’s education, grow your business, and eventually to retire.

At AB Tax Law we focus on resolving and preventing tax controversies as quickly and economically as possible. If you have an existing or potential tax problem, then do not hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation of your case from California Tax Attorney. We will carefully and thoroughly review your tax issue and discuss each resolution option available to you.  For your free tax evaluation call 1-888-351-3707.

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